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WLI is a structured approach to leadership development for anyone who desires to be more faithful and fruitful as they serve in the local church. The curriculum and scope of Waypoint Leadership Institute will provide a theological foundation, a deep evaluation of spiritual gifting, expose you to leadership environments, practical ministry opportunities and access to mentorship. WLI will prepare you for deep service and help build confidence to take the next step as a disciple who is making other disciples.

The journey begins with an assessment to clarify what pathway would be most beneficial for your development!

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Waypoint Leadership Institute has a place for everyone. Whether you are a new believer who wants to be developed for service, you are already serving deeply and desire to grow into a leader of leaders, or you have felt the call to full-time vocational ministry, WLI has a path for development. There are three specific tracks: Core, Leadership, and Residency. Each of these tracks are intentionally designed to help you affirm the unique ways that God has created you to build His church and give you a foundation to take the next step.



Core Track is designed to lay a theological foundation to prepare the entire church for confident service. Over the course of a calendar year Core Track will take you through every course in our Core Class Ministry. The content will include: Doctrine I & II, Evangelism, Apologetics, Biblical Theology and Gospel Fluency. In addition to theological education, Core Track will include a spiritual gifts analysis, personality assessment, emotional intelligence evaluation and other practical tools that will help you better understand how God has designed you. The goal of Core Track is to produce confident church members who are inspired and equipped to be deployed for service in the local church.


Leadership Track is designed to inspire and prepare those who are actively serving in the church to go beyond “filling a need” to “equipping others” to follow their example. Over the course of a year, Leadership Track will expose you to a breadth of others who are serving across a variety of ministry contexts. The curriculum will also engage intentional resources and gather in a cohort style environment. The goal of Leadership Track is to produce a culture of multiplication by deploying those who are already doing the work of the ministry with increased confidence, a network of support and increased practical experience.


Residency Track is designed to nurture and empower ministry leaders for a lifetime of service. The Residency Track is for those who are exploring vocational ministry. Residents will be challenged and mentored in the day-to-day context of local church leadership. Each residency includes a chosen specialization that will grant exposure to your specific areas of calling and proximity to pastors/leaders who are experts in that area. The scope of a residency is typically between 12 and 18 months and at least 20 hours a week of dedicated time to the program. The goal of Residency Track is to fortify theological foundations, provide practical ministry experience and introduce specialized training for the next generation of pastors and church leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

WLI offers leadership development for the whole church. The central prerequisite is a desire to grow in their God-given purpose. WLI is open to anyone who is an active member of Waypoint Church. Additionally, the Residency Track is open to those who are pursuing vocational ministry and are members of a church other than Waypoint.

No worries. Just take the assessment. We will help you find the best fit!

The assessment is the starting place for entrance into all three tracks of WLI. The assessment is built to guide you towards the appropriate track. There is no commitment for those who take the assessment so we encourage you to check it out.

We have a team of leaders who review every assessment. You can expect to hear from a member of the Waypoint team with an invitation to a meeting to discuss your goals, gifts and results. You can expect to leave the meeting with clear next steps.

Yes and No. The Core Track and Leadership Track have required courses that run on a specific schedule. Each year we launch a new group in both of those tracks in June. The Core and Leadership Tracks run June through May. The Residency Track is much more personalized and can begin at any time.

The assessment is free. You can expect minimal costs associated with resources and books for certain courses in the program. The total cost is less than $100 annually for both the Core and Leadership Track. The Residency Track is also free, however, a residency operates like an unpaid, high-level internship. We can assist Residents in raising support, if necessary, but there are no required fees.

Church membership at Waypoint is a requirement for the Core and Leadership Tracks. Membership at a local church is required for the Residency Track, however, we accept residents from partnering churches.

Each track is unique. There is no limit to the capacity of Core Track. The Leadership Track is open to a maximum of 15 people at a time and we will host up to 5 active residents in the Residency Track.

Waypoint Leadership Institute is designed for each track to stand alone with clear goals and outcomes, however, the pipeline is also designed to facilitate a progression. There is an opportunity to complete Core Track and move directly into the Leadership Track. Likewise, there is a pathway to advance from the Leadership Track into a Residency. Don’t be intimidated, just take the assessment and we will help you take a simple next step!

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